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Puzzle Block Bang

PUZZLE BLOCK BANG is a classic but challenging jewels block puzzle game! A lot of challenging chapterssuper cool elimination experience, all waiting for you to challenge! Simple but to train your brain,you just need to drag and drop the given blocks to fill up entire rows and columns, and then all these blocks on the whole line will be cleared. Come and try it, you can never stop!

❖How to play
Drag and drop jewel puzzle blocks into the 10×10 board;
Fill the lines vertically or horizontally to make jewel blocks cleared;
√Scores reward for each step and the filled rows and columns;
When you encounter difficulties, use props wisely;
Game over if no space for the given jewels blocks on the board.

❖Personalized Props
√Rich and varied props selection, you can experience the ever-changing elimination effect;
√Create your own special elimination effect with magical cube block combined with props.

❖New Style and Sound Effects
There are rich chapters and chic blocks;
√Meadowsvolcanoesforestssnowdeserts are waiting for you to adventure;
Super strong elimination effect with super sound effect and background music;
A block party, the classic block elimination game allows you to get the most comfortable enjoyment!

❖No Restrictions
A totally free block puzzle game;
You can start a happy game anytime, anywhere without time limit;
There is no network restriction, you can play online and offline.

❖Free Block Puzzle Games are Suitable for Playing with All Crowds
When you feel tired at work, you can take a break with your colleagues. The short game time will make you instantly relaxed!
When you get together with your friendsPUZZLE BLOCK BANG is a good choice,compete with your friends on the leaderboard!
On the weekend, chat with your parents and play PUZZLE BLOCK BANG, enjoy the wonderful weekend!

PUZZLE BLOCK BANG, a best choice for you to bring you more fun for your stressful life, makes you soothed and keep your brain clear. Open PUZZLE BLOCK BANGand enjoy a good rest time!


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